Postcard Feedback for Andrew

  1. The quotes are all pretty quirky and humorous, but I'm not sure how much they relate to each other. They're all part of different entities and Archer is a drawn character. Archer's quote is also the odd one out, because quote #2 and #3 convey similar personalities. I would replace Archer with a real life person to make it more consistent, and use a quote that relates better with the other two.
  2. Another option is to take out Cody Ko(who is a Youtuber) and put in another TV character. This way all three come from TV shows. Either way just make the three more consistent.
  3. The black and white text colors are fitting. I would explore more typefaces.
  4. The phone version for Mac's quote looks kind of awkward because his name is on the right by itself. I would just put his name under the quote and make the width of the quote wider.
  5. Lack of quotation marks on the second quote.
  6. The way Archer's name is small in the mobile version works pretty nicely. You can incorporate that into the other ones.
  7. Also be consistent with how you credit the quotes. Archer's is just "Archer". Cody's is "- Cody". Mac's is "- Mac -". So try to choose one and go with it.