1. Lily Yang. Communication Design and Marketing. Junior.
  2. I am very interested in UI/UX and wish to improve my coding skills.
  3. I took CSE 131 in the engineering school, so I have experience with Java, but I did not enjoy the class very much.
  4. I hope to learn more about designing webpages.
  5. Designing for screen will be a bit more difficult as it is a more technical process that requires more thinking before an action is taken.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/ The products are laid out in a very easy to comprehend manner. The color scheme is also pleasing for the most part.
  7. https://www.wikipedia.org/ The information is displayed in a very straightforward way. There is hardly any confusion, and I can always click on text with hyperlinks to get more information.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/ This website has many pages and functions, yet it is a very simple to use social media tool. It is very effective in grabbing one's attention by suggesting endless videos to watch, and the controls such as volume and speed are very simple to use. It is very addicting and markets itself well.